England to ban Branding of Cigarette packs

The ring of smoke goes round and round, popping out of a puckered mouth. How fashionable you look when you push me out, not realizing your death standing close and stout.

England is setting up a stride to ban branding on cigarette packs. “This is a decisive moment in the long and patient struggle to reduce, and then end, the horrors that the tobacco industry has brought to our country and to the rest of the world,” said Deborah Arnott, chief executive of health charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). Reasons show that there are many child smokers and also many people have ill health condition because of smoking cigarettes. Cigarette packs are so beautifully designed and packaged that they hook people’s Emotional quotient and make them buy the pack that holds the door to ill health unseen.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative-led government could finally introduce this measure after years of political and private hindrances. Scotland and Northern Ireland is also looking forward to practice the same.

An article on this topic by Reuters says that World Health Organization states there might be an increase in death from 6 millions to 8 millions per year globally by 2030. Common causes are due to Cancer and other incessant respiratory diseases, where cardiovascular disease forms the biggest threat.

“We want all children in our country to grow up free from the burden of disease that tobacco brings,” stated by Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, adding that the legislation should come into force by May 2016.

Australia has already started this movement where the government has forced and stopped branding cigarette packs and the commercial houses are only eligible to sell packs that are Logo free and are in standardized Olive or Drab Dark Brown color. Imagine – the cigarette packs we come across day in and day out, most of them have a style statement that makes you want to hold them and taste them. Now, with ordinary looking cigarette packs, people will definitely have a decrease in desire to smoke cigarettes. However, there are heavy chances of having fake products in the tobacco market, which might deteriorate public health even to a greater extent.

Many Indians have also requested the Indian Government to ban selling of loose cigarettes and urged for a minimum age for buying them should be 21 years. A detail on Indian scenario can be found here, Government Proposes Ban on Sale of Loose Cigarettes.

For more detailed information, check this article by Reuters.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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