Indian airline brand having consistency

Take Me To The Sky And Don’t Let Me Fall!

Ancient India exemplifies that Indians had the intelligence of aeronautical science, which dates back to our primordial mythologies viz. works done by one of the Saptarsis ‘Maharishi Bharadwaja’ in Rigveda. By the end of 18th century an Indian scholar Shivkar Bapuji Talpade from Bombay discovered this epic from his teacher Chiranjilal Verma, which led him to a massive study of the findings based on which Talpade built & flew ‘Marutsakha’ an unmanned aircraft to 1500ft from the ground. Although, the flight could remain in air for a few minutes, this phenomenon materialized 1895, 8 years prior to Wright Brothers’ successful trial of 1903. A century has gone by and uncountable researches and technological discoveries & developments have taken place with time. Eureka wasn’t enough, and so creators kept improvising to match with their audiences’ acceptances. Sophistication was always the aim for airlines, a sector where perfection met more to its demand than every other industry. People always looked for an Indian airline brand having consistency in everything that the company served its passengers with. A mode of transport that could only be afforded by the affluent, which has now become a regular medium for John Doe and Jane Roe, because of various rational and obvious reasons.

India is now home to about 14 airline companies (includes mainline & regional careers), which connect inter-country places daily through 132 airports (managed by AAI) across the nation. There are often cover on cover newspaper ads on new airline companies entering the industry, although, news says that many of the pre-existing companies face revenue downturn because of losses incurred from low priced tickets due to massive competition. Had the situations been so gloomy for these companies, the quality service would have decreased for almost all of them. However, the companies are still pulling through thick n thin. For last 10 years a handful of airlines have been soaring the sky, which serve the low cost market. If we would only consider two such space and time managers for a period of 2005 – 2015, then it could be Spicejet and IndiGo.

To be outspoken I have only availed flights when I am on business tours and that has been for last 5 years. When a person needs to travel, the comfort zone becomes a must have and hygiene factors form the major part of that. So, it is the same with me. I have availed Indigo and Spicejet flights many a times, and every time I find both the aircrafts very clean and spacious. And I always buy the in-flight meals while booking my tickets because I am a foodie.

Food tastes differ quite a lot because they are different in items in these two planes (well, that’s obvious). And the way they are served, are different also. The one common good feeling about these two airlines is that the food packs are branded. However, line of difference is the way Indigo food packs are packaged. When it was my first time Indigo, and then when my meal pack ‘Airwich’ came, I flipped around every side and corner of it time n again as every instance was a ‘WOW!’. I am not an avid reader, but, they had short stories and reprographics that kept me glued to the box creative. Every colour and curve was done in vector – which also formed a surreal world of its own where a person of any age could possibly spend some time nice & soothing. Until the moment I finally opened it and gave my first bite to sandwiches, I found that the bread also looked and tasted so yummy and lucrative. I literally ate morsel by morsel till the last crumb relishing every bite. And that experience repeated itself each time I boarded 6E.



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